3rd TF-LSD meeting

Antalya, Turkey
13 May 2001, from 11.30-17.30

Agenda and presentations

1. Opening, introduction and agenda bashing
2. Minutes of Last Meeting (Amsterdam, February 2,2001)
3. Status report on actions from last meeting
4. Nordunet2 Directory Project NEEDS by Stig Venas
5. DANTE NameFlow Update by Konstantin Chuguev
6. Round of NREN news update
7. TF-LSD deliverables:

7.1. Resume on the interoperability testing (Roland Hedberg )
7.2. The first Draft of the Privacy document (Peter Gietz)
8. Directory related issues in PKI development (David Chadwick)
9. Directory related work in the Global Grid Forum  (Peter Gietz)
10. Pilot Project proposals discussion
10.1. CIP-based Referral Server - Catalogix and REDIRIS (Roland Hedberg )
10.2. Definition of a European Education Person (DEEP) - DAASI International Ltd (Peter Gietz)
10.3. Adding Certificate Retrieval to OpenLDAP - University of Salford (David Chadwick)
11. Other work items
12. Date of next meetings, AOB and Close
13. Summary of actions