1st TF-LSD Meeting

SURFnet Offices, Utrech, The Netherlands
20 September 2000, from 11.00-17.00


1. Opening, introduction and agenda bashing [PV, PG]

2. Global Indexing Directory System (GIDS)

2.1. Status of the service [RH]
2.2. Agreements on data provisioning and distribution
3. Integration of directories and PKIs - status of deployment in NRNs [5-10 Minutes each] 4. EuroPKI by Antonio Lioy (more information at http://www.europki.org/ca/root/en_index.html)

5. Certification between NRNs [PV]

6. LDAP for PKI by David Chadwick

7. Other directory deployment issues

7.1. DC versus X.521-naming [N.N]
7.2. web2ldap by Michael Stroeder (more information at http://www.web2ldap.de/demo.html)
7.3. DEN [PG]
8. Discussion of the draft Terms of Reference for TF-LSD [PG]

9. Any other business

10. Close

AL Antonio Loy, Politecnico di Torino, ICE-CAR
DC David Chadwick, University of Salford, ICE-CAR
MS Michael Stroeder, Propack Data
PG Peter Gietz, DFN
PV Peter Valkenburg, SURFnet
RH Roland Hedberg, Catalogix


SURFnet offices in Utrecht, The Netherlands
(route: http://www.surfnet.nl/en/organisation/en-route.html)

Additional information

TF-LSD webpage - http://www.terena.nl/task-forces/tf-lsd/
TF-LSD mailing list - tf-lsd@terena.nl