December 5, 2000
TF-LSD (LDAP Service Deployment)

Terms of Reference

1. A Task Force is established under the auspices of the TERENA Technical Programme ( to investigate the usability of LDAPv3 as a base for a wide range of Internet services. It will be known as TF-LSD (LDAP Service Deployment)

2. The aims of the Task Force will be:

a) to provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge in area of LDAP based services deployment;
b) to prepare the establishment of the European wide pilot White Pages index service;
c) contribute to the set up of European wide pilot LDAP services in the fields of Whitepages index, PKI, and other directory services usefull for the European research community;
d) to contribute to and liaise with standardization boards in the field of directories, like IETF, ITU, CEN, and with related projects, like DIRECT and openLDAP.
3. The Task Force will be open to any individual or representative of an organisation that can offer appropriate expertise, manpower, equipment or services. It will be composed primarily of staff members of National Research Networks.

4. The Chair of the Task Force will be Peter Gietz. He will be responsible for preparing the agenda for each meeting and for coordinating the work of the Task Force. He will also be responsible for ensuring that any agreed deliverables are produced.

5. The secretary of the Task Force will be appointed by TERENA. He will be responsible for taking the minutes at each meeting and for making logistical arrangements as necessary.

6. The Task Force will operate with a two-year mandate, starting 1 October 2000 with agreed activity Programme for two years. A mid-term milestone is set September 2001. A report on the progress of the Task Force and the results achieved so far will be presented at the TERENA Networking Conference 2001 in Antalya and 2002. The mandate of the Task Force may be renewed by the TERENA Technical Committee (TTC). If the mandate is not renewed, the Task Force will be dissolved. The Task Force may also be dissolved if the TTC considers that it is making insufficient progress or that its activities are no longer useful or relevant, or if the Task Force chair resigns and no replacement can be found.

7. The Task Force will meet at approximately 4-months intervals (although this may be via telephone or videoconference). Physical meetings will be held at the TERENA offices in Amsterdam or at other locations, taking care to reduce overall costs to participants.

8. Reports and other results of the Task Force will be placed in the public domain, with the exception of activities that are subject to a commercial Non-Disclosure Agreement.

9. The Task Force will have open and closed mailing lists for the communication and technical discussion between the participants.

Work items, deliverables and timetable

A. Establishing the Task Force Information site on the TERENA server, containing links to information resources on LDAP/Directory related issues, reports and presentations. The established pilot services will be referenced to from this site.

[October 2000]
B. Investigation of the various directory indexing implementations based on the Common Indexing Protocol (CIP) and their interoperability.
[January 2001]
C. Study on the privacy issues arising with the public pan-European White Pages service.
[March 2001]
D. Definition of a European wide White Pages service based on one or more CIP implementations, including the following issues:
[June 2001]
E. Setup of an experimental service for a CIP based European wide White Pages index service as defined by the Task Force.
[August 2001]
F. Investigate the possibilities to reference between the X.521 naming and the Domain Componant naming and the referral mechanisms to set up a Directory Information Tree between LDAP servers via distribution of knowledge information. The results of the DIRECT Project and the current respective IETF efforts are base for this item.
[November 2001]
G. Working out specification/requirements for the technical framework of the LDAP based storage; distribution and validation of certificates in an European wide LDAP based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the research community. This work item will be conducted in coordination with the efforts of the EU-funded project ICE-CAR (EuroPKI) and with the PKI efforts in the frame of the Internet2 Project in the USA.
[February 2002]
H. Set up of an experimental Directory service for publishing certificates and CA information, like CRLs
[June 2002]
I. Investigating the usability of services based on the new evolving directory related standards like:
[August 2002]
J. If needed, propose a revised version of the TF-ToR
[September 2001]
K. Prepare a proposal to the TTC on follow-on activities based on recent developments in directory based network and information services
[September 2002]
L. Contributing to the standardization process on LDAP and Global Directory services through the liaison with IETF, ITU and CEN standardization activity.

M. Maintaining mailing list(s) for communication between and with the TF members