LDAP Services Deployment

The purpose of the TERENA coordination activity in the frame of TF-LSD is to encourage and support the cooperation between NRENs and other project teams in Europe in developing and deploying LDAP based services.

The major objectives of the Task Force are:

  • to provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge;
  • to determine the suitability of the LDAPv3 protocol for establishing Directory based network and information services for the research community in Europe;
  • to prepare the establishment of the European wide pilot White Pages index service;
  • to prepare and coordinate the activity on establishing directory based Public Key Infrastructure in Europe;
  • to define other directory based services useful for the European research community.
Other tasks and formal deliverables are described in TF-LSD Terms of Reference.

The task force terminated its activity in November 2002, but the mailing list is still running and this site is going to be updated regularly. Some work is still being done to finalize some of the deliverables. The Final Deliverables List, as defined in the last TF-LSD meeting in November 2002, and their actual state is available.


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