This activity finished on Sep 29, 2014.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

TF-EMC2, the TERENA Task Force on European Middleware Coordination and Collaboration, started its mandate in September 2004. Over the years TF-EMC2 has given birth to several activities, such as SCHAC, REFEDs, TACAR and so on. All these activities are still coordinated within the task force, although they have an autonomous life.

Secretarial support for this task force is provided by TERENA with funding from the GN3 project.

The goal of TF-EMC2 is to promote the development and deployment of open and interoperable middleware infrastructures among national and regional research and education networking organisations and academic and research institutions.

TF-EMC2 objectives:

  • To provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge.
  • To promote development and testing of innovative middleware technologies.
  • To promote the use of common standards and procedures for middleware infrastructures.
  • To establish pilot services for the European academic community and, specifically, to continue running and enhancing TACAR.
  • To liaise with other middleware activities at international level, such as those of the Open Grid Forum (OGF) and Internet2.
  • To promote the actual use of middleware infrastructures at campuses.
  • To co-ordinate and provide support to other TERENA activities and task forces and, more specifically, to continue close cooperation with Task Force Mobility and Network Middleware on common goals concerning federated network resource access.
  • To co-ordinate and provide support to other joint initiatives and projects; to provide a forum where GN2 and GN3 middleware-related activities can receive feedback from a wider community.

Running period: September 2004 - September 2014

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