6th TF-CSIRT Meeting

Programme and Presentations

The 6th TF-CSIRT seminar and meeting took place at TU campus, the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark on 23-24 May 2002.

Thursday, 23 May 2002


1. Welcome. Overview of the programme. Logistics announcements. Network configuration. Apologies. Introduction of those present.

2. Seminar Session 1. Current Practice in CSIRTs. Organisation, structure, working methods among CSIRTs

2.1. SUNet CERT - Torbjorn Wictorin
2.2. CERT Polska - Przemyslaw Jaroszewski
2.3. Vulnerability database developed in schools and universities in Denmark - DK-CERT
2.4. Europol's position in relation to IT-crimes - Chief Inspector Mr. Mogens Lund, Europol
2.5. CAIF - Common Advisory Interchange Format, a proposal for a standard for writing, interchanging, processing, storing, and presenting security advisories - Oliver Goebel, RUS-CERT, Stuttgart University

3. Seminar Session 2. RIPE NCC IRT Object: Implementation status and further deployment

3.1. IRT Object implementation by RIPE NCC - Andrei Robachevsky, RIPE NCC
3.2. Discussion - how to proceed

4. Using IODEF Data Model and XML DTD for Incident description - Jan Meijer, SURFnet

Friday, 24 May 2002

6th TF-CSIRT meeting

1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Round of Introductions
3. Minutes of Last Meeting (Stockholm 25 January 2002)

  • Status report on actions from last meeting
4. "Trusted Introducer" Pilot Service 5. EC funded/accepted projects: Presentations and issues for cooperation

5.1. TRANSITS: Training (new) staff of (new) CSIRTs - Andrew Cormack
5.2. EISPP - Michel Miqueu, CERT-IST
5.3. eCSIRT - Olaf Gellert, PreSecure
5.4. Overview of other known related projects and activities in EC

6. Update on FIRST

  • FIRST14 Conference Information
  • Other FIRST Developments
7. Results of yesterday's Seminar Sessions
  • Summary conclusions and follow-up actions
  • Summary of the RIPE NCC IRT Object Implementation status
8. IODEF development
  • INCH BOF report - Jan Meijer, CERT-NL
  • IODEF pilot implementation and related issues
9. Summary of the TF-CSIRT Charter Discussion
10. Other Work Items
  • Clearinghouse of Incident Handling Tools (CHIHT) - Andrew Cormack, JANET-CERT
  • Assistance to establishment of new CSIRTs
11. Date and Venue of Next Meetings
12. Any Other Business

Accompanying events:

    Meeting of Level-2 teams (closed) - 23 May 2002 (after Seminar)