5th TF-CSIRT Meeting

Programme and Presentations

The 5th TF-CSIRT seminar and meeting took place at Långholmen Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden on 24-25 January 2002.

Thursday, 24 January 2002


Seminar Session 1. Current Practice in CSIRTs.

1.1. Organisation, structure, working methods among CSIRTs Incident handling at Swedish Central Bank - Jan-Olof Andersson, Swedish Central Bank.
1.2. SESIC - Peter Bivesand, SESIC.
1.3. Siemens CERT Overview - Udo Schweigert.
1.4. Cisco PSIRT - Damir Rajnovic.
1.5. Swedish Police - Stefan Kronqvist and Per Sundell.
1.6. Active monitoring of corporate network - Torsten Enquist, TeliaCERT.

Seminar Session 2.

2.1. CHIHT WG kick-off meeting.

Friday, 25 January 2002

5th TF-CSIRT meeting

1. Welcome and Apologies.
2. Round of Introductions.
3. Minutes of Last Meeting (Manchester 28 September 2001).

  • Status report on actions from last meeting.
4. "Trusted Introducer" Pilot Service.
  • Status Report.
  • Presentation of the TI Board.
5. Training Workshops for new CSIRTs.
  • Report from the first try-out workshop - Andrew Cormack.
  • Discussion how to proceed (in situation that EC project proposal failed)
6. Relations with CEC and funding possibilities - Karel Vietsch.
7. Update on FIRST.
  • FIRST14 Conference Call for papers.
  • Other FIRST Developments (e.g. FIRST Technical Colloquium).
8. IODEF WG Update.
  • IODEF pilot implementation and related issues.
  • INCH BOF report.
9. Results of yesterday's Seminar Sessions.
  • Summary conclusions and follow-up actions.
10. Other Work Items.
  • Assistance to establishment of new CSIRTs.
  • Building better awareness of network security issues with NRENs.
11. TF-CSIRT Charter Revision.
12. Date and Venue of Next Meetings.
13. Any Other Business.

Accompanying events:

IODEF Working Group and IODEF-Pilot team meetings - Wednesday January 23, 2002 from 16.00.

CSIRT Training course - Tuesday and Wednesday January 22-23, 2002.
TI Review Board - Thursday January 24, 2002 from 17.00.

TERENA Technical Contact: Yuri Demchenko.