40th TF-CSIRT Meeting Agenda

The 40th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 26th & 27th September 2013 in London, United Kingdom at the BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street London, EC1A 7AJ.

A list of attendees at the event is available.

The meeting was hosted by BT.

The minutes of the meeting are available.


Thursday 26th September 2013
Title Presenter
Team Cymru Update Ian Cook
Report / pointer to docs from ICANN47 Wilfried Woeber
TRANSITS Update Don Stikvoort
Trusted Introducer Update Klaus-Peter Kossakowski
Update on Data Sharing Ian Bryant, Trustworthy Software Initiative
Shibboleth / Single Sign On with/out Single Sign Off Alexander Talos-Zens
Friday, 27th September 2013
Title Presenter
Network Security Monitoring Working Group Time series solver & anomaly survey. Jan Vykopal, CSIRT-MU
Czech Cyber Crime Centre of Excellence. Jan Vykopal, CSIRT-MU
BGP Ranking - update. Raphael Vinot, CIRCL
NREN & ISP Security Working Group Report Wayne Routly
BT and London 2012
CERT La Poste Frederic Le Bastard
Janet Update James Davis
Update from LiU IRT David Byers
Update from LITNET CERT Patrikas Kugrinas
Poste Italiane CERT: strategy, mission and services Stefano Grassi