36th TF-CSIRT Meeting

The 36th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 10-11 May 2012 at Wetenschappelijk Centrum Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The meeting was co-hosted by NCSC, SURFcert and KPN-CERT/XS4ALL.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

TF-CSIRT Meeting

Title Presenter
Welcome, introductions and apologies Lionel Ferette
Approval of minutes and status of action items Lionel Ferette
CSIRT-IE presentation Cormac Doherty, CSIRT-IE
CERT-RO presentation Dan Tofan, CERT-RO
CSIRT-SK presentation Tomáš Kokolevský, CSIRT-SK
EGI-CSIRT presentation Adam Smutnicki, WCNS
Redesigning CERT.at’s incident handling capabilities – cherrypicking and learning from AbuseHelper and Megatron L. Aaron Kaplan, CERT.at
Blocking access to phishing websites Alexander Zen-Talos, ACOnet-CERT
AbuseHelper update Christian Van Heurck, CERT.be
Report on RTIR BoF James Davis, Janet CSIRT
The Clean IT project But Klaasen, Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice
CERT-SE developments Erika Stockinger, CERT-SE
TRANSITS update Don Stikvoort, S-CURE
Academic CSIRT meeting Kevin Meynell, TERENA
TF-CSIRT developments Kevin Meynell, TERENA

Friday, 11 May 2012

TF-CSIRT Technical Seminar

Title Presenter
Cleaning drive-by websites from the .ch/.li domains Michael Hausing, SWITCH-CERT
GEANT: Surviving a Security Audit Wayne Routly, DANTE
Organising a Technical IT Security Exercise Varis Teivans, CERT.LV
Spamhaus Carel van Straten, Spamhaus
Security Drills in a Grid Environment Oscar Koeroo, NIKHEF
BREIN vs Pirate Bay Jacques Schuurman, XS4ALL
All your locks belong to us (things you should know about physical security) Barry Wels, Toool