35th TF-CSIRT Meeting

The FIRST/TF-CSIRT Technical Colloquium including the 35th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 30-31 January 2012 at the Aula Magna del Rettorato in Rome, Italy. The meeting was hosted by TERENA, GARR-CERT and Roma Tre University.

Monday, 30 January 2012

TF-CSIRT Meeting

Title Presenter
Welcome, introductions and apologies Lionel Ferette, TF-CSIRT Chair
Approval of minutes and status of action items Lionel Ferette, TF-CSIRT Chair
Spamhaus issues Baiba Kaskina, CERT.LV
ITU-IMPACT Capacity Building for Least Developed and Developing Nations Marco Obiso, ITU
CERT Polska presentation Przemek Jaroszewski, CERT Polska
GARR-CERT presentation Simona Venuti, GARR
CERT-LEXSI presentation Thomas Gayet, CERT-LEXSI
CSIRT Operational Gaps and Overlaps Andrea Dufkova, ENISA
GN3-JRA2/T4 update on X-ARF Simona Venuti, GARR
Update on the X-ARF Format Tilmann Haak, DFN-CERT
Report on OAS/CICTE Cyber Security Workshop Gorazd Bozic, ARNES
New TRANSITS Developments Kevin Meynell, TERENA
TF-CSIRT and TI Restructuring Kevin Meynell, TERENA

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Joint FIRST/TF-CSIRT Technical Seminar

Title Presenter
Introduction Kenneth van Wyk, FIRST & Lionel Ferette, TF-CSIRT
Remediation Efforts, Private-Private-Public Relationships, and the Working Group Model Eric Ziegast, ISC
The OWASP Top 10 Mobile Security Risks Kenneth van Wyk, KRvW Associates
Dealing with the whole country: creating a National CSIRT Baiba Kaskina, CERT.LV
INTERPOL Cybercrime Initiatives Mick Moran, INTERPOL
Tackling hideous crimes on the hidden web Eileen Monsma, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit
OAS Cyber Security Roundtable Mirek Maj, Cybersecurity
The DigiNotar crisis: Handling SSL-mageddon Aart Jochem, GOVCERT.NL
Titan: a grid facility incident Margrete Raaum, UiO-CERT & Leif Nixon, SUNET CERT
The WOW Effect: how Microsoft's WOW64 technology unintentionally fools IT Security analysts Christian Wojner, CERT.at
Countering Anti-Phishing Countermeasures Vincent Hinderer, CERT-LEXSI
Malicious Domain Manager Michal Prokop, CSIRT.CZ
Analysing and mapping the ZeuS P2P+DGA variant network Tomasz Bukowski, CERT Polska