34th TF-CSIRT Meeting

The 34th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 22-23 September 2011 at the Abbaye de Neum√ľnster in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. The meeting was hosted by RESTENA and CIRCL.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

TF-CSIRT Meeting

Title Presenter
Welcome, introductions and apologies Lionel Ferette
Approval of minutes and status of action items Lionel Ferette
GOVCERT.LU presentation Patrick Houtsch, CTIE
CERT-DEVOTEAM presentation Olivier Caleff, Devoteam
XS4ALL presentation Jacques Schuurman, XS4ALL
Funet CERT Team update Harri Sylvander, Funet CERT
RtirBot update Harri Sylvander, Funet CERT
Security awareness raising Varis Teivans, CERT.LV
Privacy in Incident Handling: 2011 update Andrew Cormack, JANET(UK)
Abusehelper update Christian Van Heurck, BELNET CERT
TRANSITS I & II update Don Stikvoort, S-CURE
TF-CSIRT & TI: Next Steps Kevin Meynell, TERENA

Friday, 23 September 2011

TF-CSIRT Technical Seminar

Title Presenter
A new life in the information security business Lionel Ferette
Creating a National CSIRT: The Norwegian Experience Marie Moe & Ingunn Holte, NorCERT
Ranking Internet resources to find suspicious activities Alexandre Dulaunoy, CIRCL
How Visualization makes it possible Sebastien Tricaud, Picviz Labs
GEANT: Multi Domain Security - CERTs Protecting the Project Wayne Routly, DANTE