31st TF-CSIRT Meeting

The 31st TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 16-17 September 2010 at the Mamara University Rectorate, Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was hosted by Ulak-CSIRT.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

TF-CSIRT Meeting

Title Presenter
Welcome, introductions and apologies Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
Approval of minutes and status of action items Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
Ulak-CSIRT presentation Murat Soysal, Ulak-CSIRT
RoCSIRT presentation Manuel Subredu, RoEduNet
MD CERT in RENAM Network Alexandr Golubev, RENAM
EGI CSIRT update Michael Hausding, SWITCH CERT
GN3 Tools Deployment Survey Wayne Routly, DANTE
TRANSITS & TRANSITS2 update Don Stikvoort, S-CURE
AbuseHelper: call for an open discussion Christian Van Heurck, BELNET CERT
CERT NIC.LV vs Spamhaus Varis Teivans, CERT NIC.LV

Friday, 17 September 2010

TF-CSIRT Technical Seminar

Title Presenter
Tracing individual users in IEEE 802.1X networks Stefan Winter, RESTENA
Full Security Capability: A Collective Effort Jacques Schuurman, SURFcert
Traffic Monitoring project L. Aaron Kaplan, CERT.at & Panos Chatziadam, FORTH CERT
Taranis: Monitoring threats and vulnerabilities André Oosterwijk, GOVCERT.NL
DK-CERT Vulnerability Database Morten Bartvig, DK-CERT
Creation of anti DDOS network in Moldova Alexandr Golubev, RENAM