27th TF-CSIRT Meeting

The 27th TF-CSIRT meeting was held on 18-19 May 2009 at INTECO, León, Spain. The meeting was hosted by INTECO.

Monday, 18 May 2009

TF-CSIRT Technical Seminar

Title Presenter
Introduction & Welcome INTECO Executive Director
Distributed platform for IM and social network monitoring Marcos Orallo Rodríguez & Juan Carlos Montes Senra, INTECO
Anti-Phishing Working Group Peter Cassidy, APWG
Tools for collecting data on malicious activity Cyril Gayet, CERTA
Finding Rootkits in Memory Dumps Pär Österberg Medina, SITIC
Internet Pirates: BGP hijacking and other dirty tricks Carlos Fragoso, CESCA/ERIAC

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

TF-CSIRT Meeting

Title Presenter
Welcome, introductions and apologies Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
Approval of minutes and status of action items Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
CERT.PT presentation Lino Santos, FCCN
BELNET CERT presentation Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
Common Browser Hijacking Techniques David Barroso, S21sec
Incident Handling and Privacy Andrew Cormack, JANET(UK)
Proposed liaison with Grid Security Serge Droz, SWITCH
GN3 SA2-T4 Security Activities Wayne Routly, DANTE
Anomaly Tool Implementation in GÉANT Wayne Routly, DANTE
Update on CHIHT Marco Thorbrugge, ENISA
ENISA Exercise Material Marco Thorbrugge, ENISA
TRANSITS update Don Stikvoort, S-CURE
Progressing TF-CSIRT work items Lionel Ferette, BELNET CERT
Next meeting in Tallinn Toomas Lepik, CERT-EE