This activity finished on April, 2004.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

Authentication, Authorisation Coordination for Europe

The purpose of the TERENA coordination activity in the frame of TF-AACE was to encourage and support the cooperation between NRENs and other project teams in Europe in developing and deploying inter-operable Authentication and Authorisation  infrastructures and services in the TERENA community.

The major objective of the Task Force was to investigate the issues related to deployment of Authentication, Authorisation and other Security related services among the European NRENs and research community. TF-AACE aims to provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge in the area of authentication and authorisation technologies and their deployment within NRENs, as described in TF-AACE Terms of Reference approved by the TERENA Technical Committee in April 2002.

The table of deliverables was revised in November 2002 and in June 2003; the final list of deliverables agreed is on-line.

TF-AACE started on 1 April 2002 and ran for two years.