TERENA Registries

TERENA provides registry services for the TERENA OID Tree and the TERENA managed URNs.


In March 2006 IANA assigned the number 25178 as the Enterprise Number for TERENA.

TERENA uses the Enterprise Number 25178 to:

  • create and maintain a TERENA OID
  • register some RADIUS Attributes

More information are available on the TERENA-OID registry.


MACE has delegated the management of the urn:mace:terena.org namespace to TERENA.

In Aug 2011, the IETF approved the urn:schac namespace for the Schema for Academia (SCHAC). The RFC 6338 describes the procedures and policies governing its use.

As of 1 January 2013, the urn:mace:terena.org has been DEPRECATED for all SCHAC purposes. The new namespace urn:schac is the current namespace for SCHAC.

The registry for SCHAC URN is maintained on the REFEDS wiki.