TERENA TCS Market Consultation Exercise

TERENA (the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association) is an organisation based in the Netherlands whose principal members are the National Research and Education Networking organisations (NRENs) of 41 countries in and around Europe. More information about TERENA can be found at www.terena.org.

One of the services offered by TERENA and the NRENs is the TERENA Certificate Service. Through this service, universities, research institutes and other education institutions in each of the (currently 29) countries whose NREN participates in the service, obtain the digital certificates that they need. Currently the service provides server certificates (OV and DV), code-signing certificates and personal certificates. More information about the service can be found at www.terena.org/activities/tcs/.

The Certificate Service started in 2006 and is since 2009 based on a contract between TERENA and Comodo CA Ltd. That contract is expected to expire on 30 June 2015, and for legal reasons it cannot be extended beyond that date. TERENA is therefore preparing a public procurement in order to be able to continue the service. The overall time schedule is that a call for tenders will be published in January 2014, leading to a contract between TERENA and a preferred supplier by mid-2014, enabling a new service provision to start at the end of 2014, with an overlap period of at least half a year with the current service.

In preparation for the publication of the call for tenders, TERENA is conducting a market consultation. It has the purpose to assess the state of the market and the ability of the market to respond to our requirements, and discover the market conditions that are necessary to deliver our requirements. Participating in this market consultation exercise is non-binding, is free of any engagement and will not lead to any obligation between TERENA and potential suppliers.

Suppliers were invited to send answers to the questions in the attached market consultation document by email to tcs-consultation@terena.org.

The deadline for responding to the market consultation document was Monday 25 November 2013 The material you submit will be regarded as commercial-in-confidence and will only be disclosed to those directly involved in the drafting of the formal open tender document due to be published early in 2014.

To support the transparency of the TCS procurement process, a summary of the finding of the market consultation and their impact on the procurement process is available.


Invitation letter in pdf format
Questionnaire in Word format
Questionnaire in pdf format