Day 1 - Sunday 11

There is a closed SEEREN2 Project partners' meeting on Sunday.

Day 2 - Monday 12

Voice over IP (VoIP) and videoconferencing are critical real time networking applications enhancing communication and remote collaboration. Both type of application are based on common protocols and share a number of technical features.

The goal of this one-day event is to provide the attendees with an introduction to VoIP, videoconferencing and the SIP protocol, followed by best practice in international deployment of VoIP and videoconferencing in research and education.

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Day 3 - Tuesday 13

Aim of the one-day event on Identity Management is to provide the knowledge and the know-how to set-up identity management systems (IdMS) for authentication and authorisation. The attendees will be provided with IdM definitions and concepts, will be explained how to store information into directories and will be introduced to the LDAP protocol.

The electronic organisation of the users' identities in the campuses has been and still remains one of the most challenging tasks. With the increasing demand to provide on-line access to resources for their constituency, campuses need to think of a proper Identity Management System to allow on-line access without affecting security.

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Day 4 - Wednesday 14

The SEEREN2 and SEE-GRID2 projects are co-organising a full-day track on eInfrastructure developments in South Eastern Europe, you can attend this session as part of the YUINFO conference which is taking place from Monday 12 - Wednesday 14 March 2007. You may also be interested in the SEE-GRID2 session which is also taking place during the conference.

SEEREN2 (South-Eastern European Research & Education Network) is a European Union project aiming at building the southeast European segment of the GÉANT2 pan-European network. SEE-GRID-2 (South Eastern European GRid-enabled eInfrastructure Development) aims to help the development of a sustainable Grid Infrastructure to serve the research needs of the scientific communities in the region.

In this session, conference attendees will be able to listen to presentations about the SEEREN2 network infrastructure and the networking services provided as well as the complementary SEE-GRID2 Grid infrastructure and available services. The session will also be devoted to large pan-European eInfrastructure projects and will present and discuss the opportunities for collaboration in ICT provided by FP7, the recently launched multi-annual European Union programme for Research and Technological Development.

Session chairs:

  • Southeast European Project Developments and Results - Valentino Cavalli, TERENA
  • International eInfrastructure Projects and Initiatives - Yannis Mitsos, GRNET, Greece
  • Regional and International Collaboration in FP7 - Zoran Jovanovic, University of Belgrade

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