Server Certificate Service

How to join?

SCS service is only available to NRENs.

The NREN is responsible for administration of all certificate requests. So if your NREN decides to join, several RA operators will have to be appointed (most likely from the NREN staff). These people will have to follow a one-day course. The course will be provided by RA operators previously trained within the SCS project.

Procedure to join

Step 1: Sign and pay

First, your NREN will have to sign a contract with TERENA, and pay for the first year of SCS service. Only after the paperwork is in order we can instruct GlobalSign to setup your web interface.

Step 2: Train the initial set of administrators

You need a number of administrators who will do the daily administration for the service, and these RA administrators (RA is for Registration Authority) willhave to check every certificate request. The training concept is "Train the Trainer". Everyone who has done the course can train his or her colleagues. This step can be done in parallel with step 1 (the paperwork).

Step 3: Publish procedures for your customers

Your customers have to know how they can request certificates. A part of this is supplied by GlobalSign, but you will have to add additional information.
Good examples are BELNET and SWITCH websites (see also others on the section "Participating NRENs").
You might also find the PHP software developed from CRU useful for you.

Step 4: Launch the service and start to issue certificates.

Now it's up to you to do the work.

For further information, please contact Licia Florio.