Connecting Schools

This activity finished on Jul 1, 2008.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

Schools are an important and large part of the broader educational and research community with very specific needs regarding the use of Internet technologies. In addition to providing connectivity and services to higher education, many NRENs are expanding their services to include schools. The TERENA Connecting Schools initiative began in 2004 and brings together people from the NRENs involved in providing connectivity and/or services to schools to exchange information and learn from each other's experiences.

Two workshops on Connecting Schools to NRENs were organised in 2005. The group is now exchanging information via the Schools Wiki; drafting a White Paper on Connecting and Serving Schools; and developing an initiative on videoconferencing in schools (VISIT).

The contact person for Connecting Schools at TERENA is Valentino Cavalli.