REFEDS - International International Federation Peering Workshop


The meeting took place on Sunday 18 May in Bruges at the ‘Oud Sint-Jan’ Conference Centre.

Workshop Report

To learn more about the outcome of the workshop, please read the workshop report.

The list of attendees can be found on-line .

Workshop Agenda

10:00 Welcome and introduction
Diego Lopez, RedIRIS
10:15 Cross-federation use cases:
Chair: Miakel Linden, CSC
- Project Muse - Ken Klingenstein (I2)
- LIGO-GEO-VIRGO - Ken Klingenstein
- Collaboration wikis - Ken Klingenstein and Ingrid Melve (UNINETT)
- Common attribute management - Leif Johansson (Stockholm University)
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 What’s happening below the surface in some countries:
Chair: Diego Lopez
US Soup - Ken Klingenstein
National government interactions others - short report from everybody
12:15 Other sector update: IDABC, US eAuth, Danish health care, Liberty, others
13:00 Lunch
14:00 The legal side of federations
Chair: Miroslav Milinovic (SRCE)
Updates on JISC Privacy Work - Nicole Harris (JANET(UK))
Updates on the Paper on federations and data protection - Andrew Cormack (JANET(UK))
User consent - David Simonsen (WAYF)
14:45 LOA and attributes discussion: Issues in data management
Issues in attribute mapping
Issues in local versus sector or national attributes
Chair: Leif Johansson
15:30 Break
16:00 Technology futures
Chair: Mikael Linden
User-centric models: Infocard and OpenId - Diego Lopez and Ken Klingestein
Short update on eduGAIN - Diego Lopez
Metadata management tools - Leif Johansson
17:00 Revisiting the original cross-federation questions
Chair: Mikael Linden
The business model, going forward, for federations – content acquisition/aggregation, collaboration support, etc
Plans for other services.
18:00 Conclusions and next meeting