8th NRENs and Grids Workshop

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22 September 2009
Barcelona, Spain

Aim of the workshop

This workshop will bring together Grid people and network providers (NRENs). It will mainly focus on Grid requirements and advanced network services. The requirement of the Grid will be broached in monitoring and project-wide network operation sessions. Examples of advanced network services and their integration into middleware will be presented within advanced network services session.

Monitoring Session

This session will begin with general introduction of the problem explained from the Grid viewpoint. Two or three concrete examples of monitoring solutions dedicated to the Grid will then follow, including network monitoring in the Grid context, an overview of perfSONAR Lite TSS and PerfSONAR deployment over particular grid sites.

Advanced Network Services Session

We will start with an example of application that requires advanced services to see the point of view of the users. Then we will have a presentation of GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility) and the current effort that is being made by NORDUnet to integrate its services directly into the middleware. The AMPS service (Advance Multi-domain Provisioning System) allows a user to automatically request for a Premium IP "circuit" over various European NRENs. DANTE will conclude this session presenting AutoBAHN (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogeneous Networks) that enables dynamically provisioning bandwidth on demand.

Project-wide Network Operation Session

Network trouble ticket processing is crucial for the Grid network operations. It is a major concern that the impact on the Grid of network trouble tickets is not accurate enough and a new approach to assess this impact will be presented.

Session Grid middleware and IPv6

The importance of sharing Identity Data between federations is quite clear. The NRENs' and Grids' middleware have to cooperate with each other and provide an interconnection layer to applications willing to inter-federate Grid services over existing NREN organisations and policies. The latest developments in that field will be reported here. EGEE put a specific effort to make gLite IPv6 compliant, the main results will also be explained by the IPv6 team.