4th TERENA NRENs and Grids Workshop

6-7 December 2006
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aims of the workshop

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The very nature of Grids makes them dependent on infrastructures managed by many organisations. Networks interconnecting computers on a Grid influence the speed of the data transfers, but networks in themselves are only part of the picture. Data transfer protocols at the operating system, middleware and application levels can be designed to efficiently use the capacity available in the network. More and more viewed as production-grade facilities, Grids require Service Level Agreements (SLA's) as common denominators of organisation-specific policies and capabilities. Service monitoring and troubleshooting involves computing and human resources provided by network infrastructure at campus, national and international levels, working together within the Grid virtual organisation.

The 4th TERENA NRENs and Grids Workshop will focus on interoperability of network resources and Grids, with emphasis on the implementation and monitoring of SLAs at the NREN, campus and End-to-End Grid application levels. The following topics are of particular interest for this workshop:

  • Service Level Agreements - definition and implementation in campuses and NRENs
  • End-to-end SLA issues for Grids
  • Automatic configuration of network resources in Grids
  • Network monitoring frameworks in NRENs and campuses, and integration with Grid middleware
  • Fault detection and interactions between networks and Grids in such cases