NGN Workshops

This activity finished on Aug 1, 2012.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

These events are held in order to exchange information about lower-layer networking issues (typical Layers 0-4), and to provide an open forum for discussing new initiatives. Research and education networks (national and regional), network researchers and commercial vendors are welcomed.

The former Next Generation Networks Task Force (TF-NGN) finished in July 2006. The reason for this was that there was a lot of overlap with the GN2 Joint Research Activities, and there was limited effort to attend or work on specific TF-NGN-topics.

Since then however, there have been a number of developments, particularly in optical networking and network virtualisation, that have led to renewed interest in an NGN-type activity. In addition, there has been increasing support for a forum to discuss new initiatives, and which can involve groups that are not currently working on JRAs or other EC projects.

Some of the issues that will covered are as follows:

  • Transmission equipment developments (e.g. 40/100 GE, CWDM and DWDM systems)
  • Transmission protocol developments (e.g. Ethernet enhancements, T-MPLS, OTN and IPoDWDM)
  • Fibre issues (installing, testing, commissioning and management)
  • Control planes (optical & multi-domain)
  • IP address and routing developments
  • Network Virtualisation and Customer-Enabled Networks
  • Wireless networks

Running period: November 2007 - August 2012