Session Descriptions

The programme and session description are preliminary and are updated as the workshop takes place. Please check regularly to see the latest version.

Day 1 - Monday, May 4th, 2015

State of the Art: high end, trusted technology making worldwide musical connections

See long-distance music coaching in action and learn what can be achieved relatively easily by non-technicians. This live demonstration will feature JANET's high speed network and Polycom's Live Music Mode technology, used regularly by the Royal College of Music (RCM) for coaching and masterclasses.
Soprano Galina Averina (RCM) in London, UK
Pianist and vocal coach Christen Stubbe Teglbjærg (Royal Danish Academy of Music) in Copenhagen, Denmark
Tania Lisboa (RCM) and Thomas Solak (RDAM).
Discussion and Q&A
Chaired by Claudio Allocchio (GARR)

"Here, Not Here, Where?"

VConect Project: Three Dimension Video Communications for Networked Communities

An exploration of three remotely connected sites, explored through the medium of dance and found sounds rooted in their locality, which asks the question what is here, what is not here, and if not here, where ? With origins in the Vconect EU FP7 programme, driven by Ian Biscoe's work in cognitive environments, the team at Falmouth - working with Contact Theatre, Manchester - are exploring new narratives for network performance: employing (primarily) open source streaming and projection mapping technologies; stepping away from fixed screen based visualisation; and endeavouring to investigate and reveal site specificity in a telepresence context.

Project team

  • Concept/Production/Visualisation - Ian Biscoe
  • Choreography/Dancer - Margherita Bergamo
  • Dancers - Debbie Mason & Ina
  • Falmouth Technical Operations - Dan Thompson and Josh Butcher
  • Manchester Technical Operations: Jason Crouch
  • Floating Surface Fabrication - Dom Allen
  • Sound Recording - David Prior
  • Venues
    Falmouth University & Contact Theatre, Manchester

    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Ian Biscoe (Falmouth University)

    • More information about the VConect

    Cocktail Reception and Demonstrations

    Meet your fellow delegates and experts and explore the huge range of specialist streaming technologies on show. Get hands-on with much of the equipment featured in the workshop, in what should be one of the largest collection of specialist arts/music streaming technologies ever assembled.

    Featured Technologies:

    Day 2 - Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

    RCM Performance Simulator Tours

    During the workshop breaks on Tuesday, all workshop participants will be offered to take a RCM Performance Simulator tour. Tours will be offered to small groups (you will be assigned a group during registration) and will last approximately 15 minutes.

    This tour will include a demonstration of the Performance Simulator, a new training facility for musicians to practise their performing and auditioning skills. The Performance Simulator operates in two modes: (i) concert and (ii) audition simulation. It allows musicians to develop and refine valuable professional skills in various settings such as regular coaching sessions to enhance stage presence skills, counselling applications for musicians suffering from performance anxiety, and state-of-the-art physiological monitoring before, during and after a performance. More information can be found here.

    "LOLA in a Box": Making synchronous teaching, rehearsal and performing accessible to musicians

    LOLA low latency technology allows musicians to play together, in real time, over a high speed network. Having used the technology for some years in coaching, rehearsals and small scale performances, the Royal College of Music has been working to create a simple front-end audio/video setup for LOLA, allowing musicians to use it with little or no technical assistance.
    Watch a live coaching session with a singer in London accompanied by a coach/pianist in Copenhagen.
    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Hear about the RCM's project and about latest developments in the LOLA platform itself, from LOLA project lead Claudio Allochio (GARR), Tania Lisboa (RCM) and Matt Parkin (RCM)

    Connecting at the limits of our networks

    This session is about exploring global connectivity both within and beyond the high speed National Research & Education Networks (NRENs). Artists and educators frequently seek to make connections in places with limited connectivity or outside the NRENs, such as rural schools or colleges, places like Shanghai where education networks are unreliable, or with important institutions who have great expertise but lack an NREN connection. The session hears from those who have started to expand their network connections, learning from their successes and solutions, and will showcase some of the most relevant emerging technologies to achieve these new connections. It also provides an opportunity for artists, educators, network providers and technologists to discuss how we can all work together to make such connections more achievable in future.
    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Thomas Solak (RDAM), Domenico Vicinanza (GÉANT Association and Anglia Ruskin University) with contributions from Justin Trieger (New World Symphony), John Grant (Nine Tiles) and Claudio Allochio (GARR).

    Making connections with Visimeet

    Liverpool John Moores University, Edinburgh Napier University and Nova Southeastern University have been collaborating since September 2014 to create a new work, exploiting the benefits and possibilities of this technology. In this session they will be performing the work live and explaining how the project worked.
    Watch a live multi-site performance with musicians in Edinburgh, and dancers in Florida and London. They will be performing together live via high speed international networks and Visimeet videoconferencing software.
    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Pauline Brooks (Liverpool John Moores University) and Paul Ferguson (Edinburgh Napier University) with Katrina Burton (Edinburgh Napier University) and Luke Kahlich (Nova Southeastern University).

    Panel Discussion - Fostering Global Artistic Partnerships

    There has never been a more unexpected and innovative use of research and education partner networks than the collaboration between performing arts organizations across the globe. While research and education networks were originally developed for research scientists, thought leaders at performing arts organizations seized the opportunity to utilize advanced networks for education, multi-site performance, auditions, rehearsals, and creating entirely new art forms. Join a panel discussion with artists and administrators to discuss lessons learned and thoughts about how best to plan and produce future collaborative artistic ventures. Ann Doyle, founder of Internet2’s Arts & Humanities Initiatives, will moderate this session.
    Ann Doyle (Internet2)
    A group of experts (TBC)

    "The Infinite Bridge"

    "The Royal College of Music presents a showcase performance in the Britten Theatre, in association with the 2015 Network Performing Arts Production Workshop. Drawing on the pioneering spirit of the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park, Great Exhibitionists is the RCM’s ground-breaking concert series, devised and presented by RCM students.
    The Infinite Bridge is an innovative and cross-disciplinary event using music, theatre, dance, computer-generated graphics and three live connections to tell the story of a girl trapped in a mundane existence who escapes into an alternate cyber-world in her dreams. Visual poetry and specially composed new music and choreography will combine with state-of-the-art digital design and projection technology to explore the original narrative by award-winning writer Peter Cox. In addition to the performers on stage in the Britten Theatre, the cast will include dancers at the MACBA contemporary arts museum (Barcelona), traditional Nordic instrumentalists at the Sibelius Academy (Helsinki) and brass players at Royal Danish Academy of Music (Copenhagen). Experimenting with interactive and reactive creative technology systems, this theatrical show promises to push the boundaries of stagecraft, scenography and orchestral performance to create an awe-inspiring and immersive experience for the audience.
    The performance lasts one hour, followed by a brief interactive Q&A session with the creative team.

    When you register for the Network Performing Arts Production workshop you will also be registered for this event automatically.

    Day 3 - Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

    4K Gateway and UltraGrid: Maximum Resolution, Minimum Latency

    For this live performance we will connect with HAMU (Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) using the latest 4K, low latency video technology from CESNET, the Czech National Research & Education Network. Their 4K Gateway provides video transmission at around four times the resolution of current broadcast HDTV, with a processing latency of just 1.5ms, providing breathtaking image quality and a truly interactive experience. CESNET portfolio of high-quality, low latency video technologies also comprises of the UltraGrid software platform which uses commodity PC and Mac hardware to allow for high-quality video transmissions ranging from H.264 compressed video all the way up to uncompressed 4K and 8K with end-to-end latency below 100ms. Both technologies provided by CESNET offer new possibilities for all artistic genres, as well as science and education.
    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Sven Ubik and Milos Liska (CESNET)

    Kima Project: Interplay of Light and Form

    Analema Group presents KIMA project – an immersive installation and performance exploring relationships between music and vision, sound and color, aiming to create visual virtual music compositions for audiences and musicians. At Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015 KIMA will be presented as a local telepresence installation for two musicians. Participants can experience the artwork by using their own voice or a musical instrument. It enables real time interaction through visual representation of sound.
    Bring your own instrument!
    Analema Group invites all workshop participants to participate at the demontration.
    Presentation, Discussion and Q&A
    Evgenia Esmet (Analema Group)

  • Find out more about the KIMA Project and ANALEMA Group
  • Analema Group