Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015

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All of the sessions of this workshop were recorded.

The fifth European Network Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshop was held on 4-6 May 2015, in London, UK. This event is the eighth in the series of workshops that has been held in Europe and the United States annually since 2009.

The workshop was hosted by the Royal College of Music with local technical support from Jisc, provider of Janet - the UK national research and education network. The workshop was coordinated by Internet2 and the GÉANT Association's Amsterdam office (formerly TERENA), with additional technical expertise provided by GARR, the Italian NREN, and CSUC, which manages the regional network in Catalonia.


The aim of the workshop was to provide experts from different fields an opportunity to build on the basic knowledge and skills gained during the previous workshops, or acquired by using the learning materials, and to create a platform for interdisciplinary discussion, making opportunities for collaboration.

This workshop's programme was therefore more advanced than previous events; the main focus of the sessions was on brief demonstrations of technology and lectures followed by round-table discussions. As in previous years, the sessions were very much hands-on, encouraging the participants to generate new ideas about how the technology presented can be used in various performing arts.

Programme >>>

For an overview of some of the talks, performances and personalities of the previous event, held in Vienna in 2013, please see the video report on YouTube.


Target audience
Network Performing Arts Production Workshops are designed for those who want to explore the new possibilities and challenges that advanced education and research networks can offer:

  • students, academics and technical staff of institutions that offer education and produce events in the performing arts (music, dance, theatre, visual arts schools and academies, etc.);
  • people involved in audio/video production and education in other areas;
  • NRENs and other regional education networks, whose constituents could have a need for high-end audio visual production and transmission over those networks.

Participants of previous workshops are invited to attend to build on their prior knowledge and skills, and share their experiences. However, first-time participants are also encouraged to attend.
For background information on the equipment and staffing requirements for interactive performing arts education, multi-site performance events, and high quality netcasting over advanced networks, please use the learning materials from the previous workshops.