2nd TERENA Network Architects Workshop & 9th TF-NOC Task Force meeting

Wednesday-Friday, 13-15 November 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

TERENA organises the Network Architects Workshop for the second time after the great success last year in Copenhagen. Based on the recommendations of the workshop participants, this time we also try and bring together several meetings concerning network architecture design, deployment as well as operations. With regard to operations, the well-established task force community of TF-NOC is going to meet back-to-back with the workshop.

Presentations are available under the agenda pages...

Aim of the workshop

The TERENA Network Architects Workshop aims to bring the NREN people together responsible for next-generation network architecture design and deployment. As the national research and education networks are all at different stages of the typical life-cycle - depending on their maturity, coverage, service portfolio, user community and funding model - it is expected that useful experiences and ideas can be shared within the community.

Despite the diversity, it would be beneficial to identify common practices, design procedures, future expectations and evolution path to fill the gaps. A common language is essential for establishing multi-domain network services as well as common understanding on the network building blocks is equally important. To this end, the TERENA Network Architects Workshop will be held back-to-back with TF-NOC, the Task Force on Network Operation Centres. The discussion will be extended to DANTE (as the operator of the pan-European network GÉANT) and other regional network providers in the community.

Target Audience

The target audience is the NREN people (including the participants of the TF-NOC) responsible for network architecture design under the CTO or Head of Infrastructure offices but above network operations (NOC) or at least at Tier-3 NOC. The invitation is extended to DANTE, NORDUnet, other regional providers, as well as TERENA global peers at other world regions. Selected commercial partners will be invited to the Network Architects Workshop.

The agenda is still flexible, if you plan to come and give a talk to us, please contact Peter Szegedi at TERENA.