N-ECS images and handbook

The Task Force on Enhanced Communication Services (TF-ECS) packaged together previously available open-source software components to create 'NREN - Enhanced Communications Server' (N-ECS) images. This package allows easy installation - either on a physical server or a virtual machine - of a fundamental back-end SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol) server infrastructure for secure videoconferencing, which is preconfigured to allow a quick start.


The N-ECS image and its documentation collectively were assembled with great care. The intention is to provide the technical community world-wide with in-depth information with working examples, free of obligation. There is no other intention, such as providing paid and / or production-ready products or services. Neither TERENA nor its members or any contributors to this work can be held responsible for any consequences of the use of this work.

The work can be distributed freely when unchanged. Any modifications should be annotated clearly and reported back to TERENA and the original contributors should always be mentioned.

All components used for the N-ECS are subject to their respective licences, please read and follow them carefully.

The N-ECS images can be downloaded here:

The Certificate can be downloaded here:

The 'TERENA SIP Handbook'

The 'TERENA SIP Handbook' describing the software and documenting the way to install it was also produced by the group. This is targeted at NREN administrators and university campus network administrators.