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This is unofficial collection of links to Internet resources related to coded character set and Multilingual issues.

 IETF Application Areas Working Groups

W3C WWW Internationalisation/Localisation Activity

Intenationalization of Internet - Joint ISOC and Alis Technologies Project

    The World's Main Languages.
    Speakers in mlns: Chinese - 885, English - 450, Hindi-Urdu - 333, Spanish - 266, Portugese -175 , Bengali -162 , Russian - 153, ... Ukrainian - 46

The Multilingual Information Society. Position Paper from European Comission.

Language Engineering sector of the Telematics Applications Programme within the Fourth Framework. 

CEN/TC304 Character set technology. 
European Localization Requirements.

Euro - a new European currency .
Euro standardization issues - Status

MS Windows NT. The Euro currency symbol support

Placement of the Euro Sign on Computer Keyboards. 1997-11-28 (Format: pdf). 

Standardization in internationalization. Information Technology Standardization.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 - Internationalization i18n

SC18 keyboards. Second CD - ISO/IEC CD2 14755 - Input methods to enter characters from the repertoire of ISO/IEC 10646 with a keyboard or other input devices

Character sets and information coding. - List of ISO Standards.

Standards and Specifications List by Diffuse IST Project

Microsoft i18n 

Multilingual aspects in Indexing, Searching and Metadata

Michael Everson's Home Page 
Scripts, character encoding standards documents, font information and more. 
Repertoires of characters used to write the indigenous languages of Europe. CEN/TC304 Workshop Agreement.

Multilingual Resources. How to make a Multilingual Web server information resources on Character sets and encoding 
(Very useful for general information)

ISO8859-1/HTML stuff Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) All the Scripts in the World! at IDRIS

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