TF-Media Preparation Meeting


Traditionally, large universities have provided multimedia content management and distribution internally with their own systems, tools and workflows. NRENs are in a great position to facilitate these services and to offer federated media content storage facilities or a complete workflow for media production, management and distribution services to universities in a federated way. More standardised workflow processes and open source software components are key to a smooth implementation of these services.

To enable collaboration among European NRENs and universities interested in these increasingly-popular services, TERENA will be starting a new task force on media management and distribution issues called TF-Media.

By working together on these issues, it is expected that best practice documents containing information about the existing standards and workflows will be distributed, and the latest technology and service requirements for video-recording, storing and distributing lectures will be addressed. Rolling out related programmes may also be possible within this task force, as well as the operation of common services.

Preparation meeting

Before the official start of the task force, the draft terms of reference will be defined so that clear objectives and potential deliverables are identified, along with corresponding timelines and voluntary leaders. To finalize these items with the community, TERENA is organizing a preparation meeting on 5-6 November 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by CESNET, the Czech national research and education networking organisation.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and actively participating in shaping the future of multimedia production, management and distribution, please register for the TF-Media preparation meeting.

Who should attend?

If you are designing, developing and/or deploying, operating, administrating multimedia production, management and distribution systems, services at your NREN or university and/or you are interested in the related collaboration, standardisation and legal issues, you are welcome to attend the preparation meeting and share your experiences and ideas.

We are pleased to offer the ability for participants to attend the workshop online. Those planning on participating remotely are requested to register online in advance, by clicking on the button called "Inform me about similar events". An Adobe Connect room will be available for interactive chat and slide streaming during the meeting. Remote participants need a web browser and Flash player installed on their computer.

Task force objectives

The overall aim of TF-Media is to collect and exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences about the technical, administrative and legal aspects of multimedia production, management and distribution workflows on a pan-European scale.

It also aims to identify, coordinate and where possible, collaborate on national activities related to different rich media recording, editing and streaming systems and services, as well as federated repository service developments and deployments.

The specific objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for exchanging and promoting ideas, experience, and knowledge about the technical, administrative and legal issues.
  • To identify and promote the use of open standards, architectures, technology and procedures in the field of multimedia production, management and distribution that are relevant to the educational and research community.
  • To foster the federation of the national media content and metadata repositories at a pan-European level.
  • To identify and coordinate and where possible collaborate on the national activities related to multimedia recording, management, streaming, as well as the repository service development and deployment.
  • To facilitate making guideline or best practice documents containing and promoting information about the existing standards, workflows, latest technology and service requirements, as well as rollout programmes and possibly also operation of common services.
  • To work together with related TERENA task forces such as TF-Storage, TF-EMC2 and TF-PR.
  • To liaise with other communities such as the Opencast Community, EUNIS and standardisation bodies.