1st Media Management and Distribution Workshop

The community of national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) has found that it is in a good position to provide audio and video recording, repository and distribution services to universities (where e.g., lectures can be recorded, archived and distributed), taking into account special requirements regarding quality, searchability, copyright, policy, etc.

The workshop focuses on two main topics. The first half day is about video content management systems. We introduce some existing systems and summarise experiences with such on-going services. The second half day is about media repository issues in general. We discuss media formats, authentication and authorisation issues, federations and so on. The related projects working on those areas will also be introduced.

During panel discussions we would like to collect ideas, suggestions and experiences about all aspects that could impact the development of such federated media management and distribution systems/services on a pan-European scale.

Target audience

The first TERENA workshop on Media Management and Distribution involves key players from NRENs and universities all around Europe. The goal is to identify their potential roles in developing this area, as well as the core group of researchers willing to work on the technical and administrative issues around those roles.


The workshop was recorded and the edited video streams are now available.