Voice & Video

Investigates the suitability of voice, video and collaboration technologies for implementation in research and education networks in Europe.

Network Performing Arts Production Workshops

Network Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshops facilitate outreach to new user communities in the arts and humanities areas, particularly by demonstrating the use of research networks in supporting real-time musical, dance and artistic performances. Besides building a community with specific requirements in terms of bandwidth, network reliability, jitter and latency, the workshops demonstrate the use of specific audio, video and lighting techniques, tools and applications to support teaching, auditions and remote performances. Finally, the workshops provide opportunities for collaboration among institutions across NRENs, GÉANT and intercontinental research networks.

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NREN - Enhanced Communication Server (N-ECS) images

The Task Force on Enhanced Communication Services (TF-ECS) packaged together previously available open-source software components to create ‘NREN - Enhanced Communications Server’ (N-ECS) images. This package allows easy installation - either on a physical server or a virtual machine - of a fundamental back-end SIP (Sessions Initiation Protocol) server infrastructure for secure videoconferencing, which is preconfigured to allow a quick start. The 'TERENA SIP Handbook' describing the software and documenting the way to install it was also produced by the group. This is targeted at NREN administrators and university campus network administrators.


NRENum.net Service

NRENum.net provides countries, where the Golden ENUM Tree (e164.arpa) is not available, with the possibility to publish ENUM data. The NRENum.net tree is queried by the participating partners in case no ENUM data is found in the Golden Tree. Those countries that have already access to the Golden Tree cannot get a delegation in NRENum.net.
NRENum.net is an effort of National Research and Education Networks (NREN). More information about NRENum.net can be found in the wiki charter. Currently over ten counties participate in NRENum.net.