EuroCAMP Budapest
17-18 November 2009
Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University

What do application developers need from their Federation?

Aim of the event

The aim of EuroCAMP is to develop middleware awareness at grassroots level and to present some of the various identity management (IdM) and authentication mechanisms available.

Federations are searching for the "killer application" that will be the catalyst for the universal adoption of their service. By supporting the developer and bringing 'off the shelf', open source and home grown applications into a federated environment you may have just found that application or service your user-base wants.

This Advanced EuroCAMP extended on previous events and focused on getting applications and services working in an identity federation, focused on the developers needs. The event addressed the following topics:

  • How applications can use SAML and Federated Identity
  • Attribute Translation and Levels of Assurance (LoA)
  • Federations for Application Developers
  • Practical experiences in Developing Federated Applications

Some case studies were presented to highlight practical implementations of the technologies being discussed.

You can find the programme of the two day event at Day 1 and Day 2.