ECAM (European Committee for Academic Middleware)

This activity finished on Nov 15, 2013.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

The European Committee for Academic Middleware (ECAM) was established in September 2006 as a steering committee for both TERENA Task Forces (TF-EMC2 and TF-Mobility) operating in the middleware area.

What is ECAM?

Given the high degree of synergy between the TERENA Task Forces TF-EMC2 and TF-Mobility (both task forces address middleware issues, albeit in a different context), it was agreed to establish a joint steering committee to coordinate the work of these two Task Forces.

In general, ECAM acts as a leadership group to promote innovative and open middleware technologies and infrastructures and to advise TERENA on new emerging middleware technologies.

ECAM members are the chairs and work item leaders of 'TF-EMC2' and 'TF-Mobility and Network Middleware' (TF-Mobility was renamed in the 2008 Terms of Reference). Additional members may be added to ECAM by unanimous agreement of its current members.

How ECAM works

ECAM meets (approximately) once per month, via telephone or videoconference and are closed meetings. Reports on the activities of the steering committee and proposals for actions are then presented at TF-Mobility and Network Middleware and/or TF-EMC2 meetings.

In 2007, ECAM's members agreed to collate documents and software that might be of general interest to the research networking community engaged in middleware development. These items are to be referenced from a special section on the ECAM website which has been named "Suggested by ECAM".


If you have questions about ECAM, or you would like to draw ECAM's attention towards a particular topic, or you would like to submit documents and software to ECAM, please send an email to Brook Schofield.

Running period: September 2006 - November 2013