EARNEST Final Workshop

la Hulpe

Tuesday 25 - Wednesday 26 September 2007
Dolce La Hulpe, Near Brussels, Belgium


The EARNEST Final Workshop was held at the Dolce La Hulpe Hotel and Conference centre near Brussels. The EARNEST Final Workshop aimed to present the findings of the various sub-studies of the EARNEST Foresight Study and received feedback from the attendees which served as input for the EARNEST Summary Report.

The Final Workshop

Throughout 2007, EARNEST has undertaken a number of studies. These were focused in particular on seven areas: researchers' requirements, technical issues, campus issues, economic issues, geographic issues, organisational and governance issues, and other users' needs. A more detailed description of each of the various study areas can be found from the 'EARNEST Home' link to the right. The Final EARNEST Workshop was a 1.5 day event to present the findings and conclusions, to receive feedback from stakeholders and to develop a consensus so that the EARNEST Final Report (to be published at the end of October) represents their overall view.

What is EARNEST?

In the period from 1 March 2006 until 31 October 2007, and as part of the EU funded GN2 (GÉANT2) project, a foresight study was carried out into the evolution of research and education networking in Europe. EARNEST will provide inputs for initiatives that could help to keep the evolution of European research networking at the forefront of worldwide developments, and enhance the competitiveness of the European Research Area. It will prepare the ground for the planning of the development of research and education networking infrastructure and services after the completion of the GN2 project, at the local, national, European and intercontinental level. EARNEST brings together the research and education networks of Europe, national governments and funding bodies, the European Commission, industry and, last but not least, the research and education community as users of the networks and services.