STOA Workshop

Computer networks for research and education

A European success story - new challenges for policy makers

Wednesday 2 April 2008
European Parliament, Brussels

The workshop was co-organised between TERENA and STOA as part of the EARNEST foresight study. The main objective was to raise awareness among MEPs and their assistants about the importance and success of European research networking, and about some issues investigated by EARNEST that deserve the attention of policy makers.

STOA workshop presentations


Research networking and the vision of the GÉANT2 project (pdf)
Presenter: Vasilis Maglaris (NTUA)
Overview of the EARNEST foresight study (pdf)
Presenter: Dorte Olesen (TERENA President)

The impact of research networks on the methodology and efficiency of research:

Radio-astronomy (zip*)
Presenter: Arpad Szomoru (JIVE)
Biomedical and social sciences (pdf)
Presenter: Dany Vandromme (GIP RENATER)
Digital libraries (pdf)
Presenter: Sheila Corrall (University of Sheffield, UK)

Disparities in research networking in different parts of Europe:

The digital divide (pdf)

Presenter: Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. (JNPartners & Co.)
The geographic divide (pdf)
Presenter: Karel Vietsch (TERENA Secretary General)

Regional policies and the digital divide in research networking:

Use of Structural Funds for research network infrastructure in Portugal (pdf)
Presenter: Pedro Veiga (FCCN)
The situation in the new EU member states (pdf)
Presenter: Marko Bonac (ARNES)

The EARNEST foresight study

The EARNEST Foresight Study was led by a panel of leading figures from the research and networking communities. It can be regarded as a successor to the SERENATE project. The study was broken down into seven separate sub-studies, namely; researchers' needs, technical issues, campus issues, economic issues, geographic issues, organisational and governance issues and other users' needs. A more detailed description of the EARNEST foresight study, including related documention and information about other related workshops can be found under the link on the right.

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