Foresight Study into Research and Education Networking

In the period from 1 March 2006 until 31 October 2007, and as part of the EU Funded GN2 (GÉANT2) project, a Foresight Study was carried out into the evolution of research and education networking in Europe. The Foresight Study will provide inputs for initiatives that could help to keep the evolution of European research networking at the forefront of worldwide developments, and enhance the competitiveness of the European Research Area. It will prepare the ground for the planning of the development of research and education networking infrastructure and services after the completion of the GN2 project, at the local, national, European and intercontinental level.

The EARNEST Foresight Study was led by a panel of leading figures from the research and networking communities. It can be regarded as a successor to the SERENATE project. The study was broken down into seven separate sub-studies, namely; researchers' needs, technical issues, campus issues, economic issues, geographic issues, organisational and governance issues and other users' needs. A more detailed description of each of the various study areas can be found by clicking the relevant link on the right.

The first milestone was an Initial Workshop in May 2006, which brought together invited representatives from all stakeholders. The preliminary findings and recommendations from the EARNEST study were discussed with stakeholders in a final workshop in September 2007.

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