Organisational and Governance Issues

If national research and education network organisations are to maintain support from their communities of users and funding bodies, they must continue to innovate and provide cost-effective and reliable services that are required by the research and education communities that they serve. One of the key aims of the GN2 project is to enable GÉANT2 to move towards the delivery of definable and reliable end-to-end services in line with some user and project requirements. Some of the service and research activities of the GN2 project focus on this aim.

Work being carried out by national research and education network organisations in Europe is also moving towards delivering definable and reliable end-to-end services, and several of these organisations have already programmes in place to further develop the provisioning of end-to-end services.

It is anticipated that in the future some automatic end-user provisioning of end-to-end services across Europe should be possible. Although in many cases the basic technologies to provide such services are available and in some cases have been proven, the issues of delivering end-to-end services are wider than just getting the various technologies to function correctly across multiple network domains. The organisational and governance issues surrounding the planning and delivery of new services in the future will become much more significant as the move from the delivery of best-effort network services to definable, configurable and guaranteed end-to-end services is made.

The purpose of the work in the study area on organisational and governance issues of European research and education networking is to investigate what issues need to be addressed in the organisation and governance domain and to suggest ways in which the organisation and governance models for European research and education networking can be developed so that the service aspirations of the entire research and education communities in Europe and beyond can be met.

The sub-study has collected information about the current organisational structure of national research and education networking organisations in Europe through a detailed questionnaire. In combination with the information available from the TERENA Compendium this has formed the basis for the findings and recommendations of the sub-study.

Reference Documents

Organisation and Governance Questionnaire (.doc) | (.pdf)
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