End-to-End Provisioning

This activity finished on Jan 1, 2012.
As a consequence, these pages are no longer actively maintained.

Today, individual e-science applications can generate network flows measured in Gbps, enduring hours, days or even weeks, often between a well-defined set of nodes, and with tight constraints on quality of service. The needs of such applications are best met by 'traffic engineered' point-to-point circuits, rather than 'best effort' routed networks. That is why the provisioning of end-to-end (E2E) lightpaths (i.e. Gigabit Ethernet circuits or even lambdas) is becoming very important in the service portfolios of national research and education networks (NRENs).

The NRENs backbone networks and the pan-European backbone network, GÉANT2, are ready to deliver some provisioning services, but technical and other factors often cause 'bottlenecks' at the level of metropolitan, campus and local infrastructures. In order to set up end-to-end connections, cooperation is necessary between NRENs, metropolitan, campus and local networks, as well as between the application developer/designer and networking communities.

2011 - Intensive discusison/consultation between application designer and networking communities will happen in 2011.

The community, built around the TERENA E2E Provisioning Workshop series, has agreed to have intensive discussions, consultations between the potential user community (application designers/developers, end-site operators, researchers) and the networking community (NRENs, Lambda networks, Regional and Campus networks, NOCs) of the end-to-end connection services. In 2011, BoFs will be organised during major community events (e.g., Internet2 Joint Tech meeting, GLIF Tech Winter meeting, TERENA Networking Conference, NORDUnet Conference) on the topic of "E2E Service Architecture Verification". This topic includes the discussions about tools and architectures as well as the roles and responsibilities undertaken by various players of the whole end-to-end (i.e. application-to-application) workflow.

2008-2011 - TERENA organised three informational workshops in order to discuss the technical, service provionig, and user application aspects of the end-to-end connection services.

The workshop series targets NRENs, regional/metro, campus and local networking organisations to share expertise and experience in establishing real end-to-end services for universities and research labs in Europe.

This series of workshops, in short, is focusing on the following interest areas:

- Unified network architectures for end-to-end provisioning

- Simplicity of the provisioning processes and software tools

- Availability of resources, especially in the last mile

- Reliability of point-to-point circuits

- Implication of end-to-end connections on security (firewalling) aspects, routing integrity and IP addressing issues

- Operational issues: cooperation between netwrok engineers and application engineers

- Business models and cost analyses for end-to-end lightpaths

- Facilitating tutorials on the provisioning systems' implementation and usage by the campuses

Running period: June 2008 - January 2012

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