Federated Identity Technology Workshop

About the Workshop:

National Research and Education Networks play a key role in developing and integrating e-infrastructures in their countries. As well as connectivity and traditional network services, they also have a role in provision of services such as identity federations, grids and clouds to support end institutions and their users.

Targeted Audience

This event is addressed at NREN and Institutions decision and policy makers (managers, IT leaders), with the main focus on EaP countries. Objective is to educate attendees on the policy issues, business case and deployment options related to the development and support of pan-European and Global Identity e-Infrastructures.


The programme of dedicated lectures in the business case, policy and deployment options of identity technologies, will be provided by leading specialists.

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In addition: Participants interested to learn more about NREN Security and Best Practices in Wireless Networks conducted by Campus Best Practice experts might also want to register to the first part of the e-infrastructure Summer event.