Round Table on Research and Education Networking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

20 November 2007
Radon Plaza hotel
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Analysis of local media coverage

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The most relevant media covered the round table discussion on the need for revitalisation of the National Research and Education Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The newspaper with the largest circulation, 'Dnevni avaz' (pdf) (Daily Voice), carried a warning under the headline, "Only Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania Do Not Have Academic Networks". The paper quotes Valentino Cavalli of TERENA who said that Bosnia and Herzegovina not only lacks connectivity with the rest of the world but is also not connected within its academic community. He added that money is not the issue so much as political will.

'Info' magazine, which specialises in new technologies, used its cover page (pdf) to announce the revitalization of the research and education network. Inside, its two page story (pdf) ran under the headline, "100+ Megabits for Universities". This provided background on national research and education networks (NRENs) and on the GÉANT2 project, which was illustrated with a map. The article was critical about the effective non-existence of an NREN in the region, the lack of financial support from the universities for the 'dying' BIHARNET and the unclear role of BH Telecom (one of three national telecom operators). The author asked many questions but noted the conference did not provide answers, while the only conclusion reached was that BIHARNET's founders should meet again and decide whether or not they want an NREN.

The news agency 'Onasa' (pdf) interviewed Valentino Cavalli and Novica Nosovic (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo) and the story was published under the headline, "Conference on establishment of Research and Education Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina". The report provided plenty of information about TERENA's work in the region from September 2004: its technical assistance, exchange between experts and its assessment in spring 2007 of the need for an NREN in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Other media (web sites: (pdf) ; (pdf) ; (pdf) ; (pdf) : (pdf)) published the local language press release which was issued by the agency 'Prime Communications' under the headline, "Research and Education Network for Entire Bosnia and Herzegovina: Round Table Discussed Concrete Activities". Revitalisation of the NREN in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an issue of public interest. It would mean the country's academic community could participate in European projects. The press release provided background information about the round table meeting and the history of BIHARNET - Bosnia and Herzegovina's 'dormant' NREN.

"Students, researchers and professors in this country are not in a position to cooperate with other countries. If they want to work on certain projects in Europe, they have to travel", said Valentino Cavalli of TERENA. "Unfortunately, politics plays an important role in this story. We do not lack words of support, but concrete actions", said Professor Novica Nosovic, of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo.

The magazine 'Business' also covered the press release with the headline, "Activate BIHARNET Again". Another magazine, 'Intermezzo' (pdf), also published the press release under the headline, "Research and Education Network for Entire Bosnia and Herzegovina".

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