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EU-MED Event

23-24 October 2007
Crowne Plaza Europa Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Aim of the event

This two-day event was designed to progress collaboration between countries of the Mediterranean region and European Union (EU) countries in the field of e-infrastructures and networking for research and education.

Both days featured VIP speakers and were by invitation only.

Day 1
"Access to research infrastructures in the Mediterranean: status, perspectives and strategies for the future"

The first day was intended for National Research and Education Network (NREN) managers and for network operators. The workshop focused on access to telecommunications infrastructure for research and education in Mediterranean countries. It presented a picture of the status and perspectives of research infrastructures in the Mediterranean region, enlightening the relationship between e-infrastructures and major stakeholders in the ICT environment, and brought together providers, users and managers to discuss strategies for the future.

Day 2
"Policy agenda for e-infrastructures in the Mediterranean countries"

The second day was aimed at a wider audience comprising politicians, NREN managers, network operators, managers of research and education institutions and civil servants from relevant ministries. This workshop focused on policies for research and education networking (NRENs, EUMEDCONNECT) and Grid activities (EUMEDGRID, new Mediterranean National Grid Initiatives (NGIs)) in the Mediterranean. It discussed the importance of leading-edge, sustainable NRENs and e-infrastructures in order to support research and education in Mediterranean countries.

High-level keynote speakers provided views about their strategies and discussed the current status and perspectives of e-infrastructures in the region. Existing and potential applications were illustrated from several application domains. A final interactive session built on the Rome Declaration to continue collaborative efforts, and drew conclusions and follow-ups.


The EU-MED Event was hosted by three sponsoring projects that foster the creation of e-infrastructures in the Mediterranean region: EUMEDCONNECT, EUMEDGRID, and the Development Support Activity of GÉANT2. The EUMEDGRID part of the funds was mainly provided by GRNET.