Getting there

From the airport to the hotel:

The easiest way to get from Chisinau International Airport to the hotel is by taxi. It is about 13 km, so the taxi shall be up to 10 EUR. Please use official taxis and do not get attracted by people offering taxi in the arrival hall, as you may end up paying up to 50 EUR. Always ask for a price - if possible in Russian or Romanian.

NOTE: Official taxis are labeled by service phone number (ex.: 14222, 14445, and other 14XXX), in case when taxi is called from the city (using official taxi service), it can be unlabelled.

Taxi services:

Taxi Company Number
Municipal 14 400
Car4U 14 001
Favorit 14 004
Avida 14 405
Taxi-Service 14 007
Diplomat 14 009

Airport Map