TERENA NREN Compendium - ISSN 1569-4496

The GÉANT Association Compendium provides an authoritative reference source for anyone with an interest in the development of research and education networking in Europe and beyond. Published since 2001, the Compendium provides information on key areas such as legal form; users; services; traffic; budget and staffing.

Production of the Compendium is supported financially by the European Union within the framework of the GÉANT project. The GÉANT Association is solely responsible for this publication. It does not represent the opinion of the European Community. The European Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of data appearing in this publication.

Note that this information will no longer be updated!
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Compendium information 2003

Albania (ANA)
Algeria (CERIST)
Armenia (ARENA)
Austria (ACOnet)  *
Azerbaijan (OSI-AF / Azerbaijan (AzNET))
Azerbaijan (AzRENA)
Belarus (NCIRT (BASNET))
Belgium (BELNET)  *
Bosnia and Herzegowina (BIHARNET)
Bulgaria (IST Foundation)
Croatia (CARNet)  *
Cyprus (CYNET)  *
Czech Republic (CESNET)  *
Denmark (UNI-C)  *
Egypt (EUN)
Estonia (EENet)  *
Finland (FUNET)  *
France (RENATER)  *
Georgia (GRENA)
Germany (DFN)  *
Greece (GRNET)  *
Hungary (HUNGARNET)  *
Iceland (RHnet)  *
Iran (islamic Republic Of) (IRANET)  *
Ireland (HEAnet)  *
Israel (IUCC)
Italy (GARR)  *
Jordan (NIC)
Kazakhstan (KazRENA)
Latvia (LATNET)  *
Latvia (LANET)
Lithuania (LITNET)  *
Luxembourg (RESTENA)  *
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of (MARNet)  *
Malta (CSC)
Moldova (RENAM)
Morocco (MARWAN)
Netherlands (SURFnet)  *
Norway (UNINETT)  *
Palestinian Territory, Occupied (GCC)
Poland (PSNC(POL34))  *
Portugal (FCCN)  *
Romania (RNC)  *
Romania (RoEduNet)
Russian Federation (RIPN)
Russian Federation (FREEnet)
Serbia and Montenegro (AMREJ)
Slovakia (SANET)  *
Slovenia (ARNES)  *
Spain (RedIRIS)  *
Sweden (SUNET)  *
Switzerland (SWITCH)  *
Syrian Arab Republic (SHERN)
Turkey (ULAKBIM)  *
Ukraine (URAN)
Ukraine (UNREN)
United Kingdom (UKERNA)  *
Uzbekistan (UzSciNet)

* = TERENA member