TERENA NREN Compendium 2012
Basic Information

Updated: 9 July 2012 at 09:15
Client Institutions Connectivity and Traffic Middleware Services Collaboration Support Services Funding and Staffing Basic Information
  1. Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia
  2. Hayastani Akademiakan Gitahetazotakan Kompyuterayin Tsants
  4. HAGKT
  5. 24D Baghramyan ave
    Yerevan 0019
  7. Armenia
  8. +374 10 285812
  9. +374 10 526742
  10. netsupport@sci.am
  11. http://www.asnet.am/
  12. 1994
  13. 1997
  14. 1998
  15. http://www.asnet.am/?langid=2
  16. ( )Separate legal entity of its own
    (x)Not a legal entity of its own, but part of a larger organisation
    ( )Not a separate legal entity and also not part of a larger organisation
  17. National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems
  18. ( )We are a government agency or part of a ministry
    ( )The Government appoints at least half of the members of our Governing body
    ( )There is an indirect relationship (for example if at least half the members of your Governing body are appointed by research and education institutions that in itself are (largely) government-funded)
    ( )No formal relationship
    (x)Other, please explain below
  19. National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (NAS RA) is an highest official scientific organization founded by the Government of Armenia. Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP) is a legal scientific research institute of NAS RA.
  20. ASNET-AM is the Association of Academic, Scientific, Research, Educational, Cultural and other organizations of Armenia.
    ASNET-AM Governing Body is ASNET-AM Board, headed by the President of NAS RA.
    By the decision of the Presidium of NAS RA, IIAP is responsible for administration and the development of ASNET-AM network.
    ASNET-AM is managed by the joint structure of scientific laboratories of IIAP.

  21. -
  22. (x)Yes ( )No
  23. http://www.asnet.am/cp/
  24. (x)Yes ( )No
  25. http://www.asnet.am/aup/
  26. ( )Yes (x)No
  28. (x)Yes ( )No
  29. ( )Yes ( )No
  31. ( )Yes ( )No ( )Planned
  34. 1. Upgrade of Armenian GRID network infrastructure to 1Gbps FO links.

    2. ASNET-AM Core Routers upgrade from software-based (Linux) to hardware-based.

    3. Deployment of IPv6 Services in ASNET-AM:
    - Adaptation of existing mobile broadband 3G access service for IPv6
    - Adaptation of existing broadband radio access network segment for IPv6
    - Adaptation of existing EoIP segment for IPv6
    - Creation of HTTP, DNS and Proxy services for IPv6
    - Creation interconnection with network operators and network service providers for IPv6 connectivity
    - Static addressing on routers & automatic addressing for clients
    - Dynamic routing (BGP+)
    - Firewall, QoS
    - Tunelling (EoIPv6, ip/ipv6)

    4. Eduroam Service (eduroam.am) implemented within ASNET-AM

    5. Internal (ASNET-AM wide) IP-Telephony system upgrade, with prefixes and extenstions assigned to member-organizations of ASNET-AM.

    6. WebSMS notification service

    More info available at: http://www.asnet.am