TERENA Compendium of National Research and Education Networks in Europe, 2007. Information for NRENs

Information for NRENs who want to complete the questionnaire

It is again possible to enter and update the data for the Compendium survey of 2007 on-line. It is a product of human effort and therefore the survey may still have some small errors or unclarities. If you find any, please tell us, so that any remaining problems can be fixed.

NRENs from outside Europe and surrounding countries are invited to take part in the mini-survey.

The data you provide will form the basis for a large number of graphs and tables that summarise the information that you have provided. In order to give us enough time to analyse the data and to prepare all those materials, we would like to ask you to complete the questionnaire by 30 April 2007 at the latest!

Unless otherwise specified, please provide us with the data as of the 31st of January, 2007 (or as close to this as possible).

Note that the information that you provide will be made public through the Compendium website. Note that e-mail addresses that you give will be encoded using javascript so they cannot be harvested by spambots. We will make the answers public soon after you have updated a section. If you would like to avoid that, for example because you would like to do some internal error checking first, please let us know. We will then make information public only after you have given your explicit approval that this can be done.

In order to complete the 2007 survey, please follow the following steps:

  1. Request a password. You will be asked to select your organisation and submit your e-mail address. Note that the information you submit will be checked by somebody in the TERENA Secretariat before a password will be issued to you.
    Others in your organisation are free to request a password as well, so that you can divide the responsibility for completing the various sections of the survey (although it is good to have one person in charge of the entire answering process).
  2. After you have received the password, use it in combination with the e-mail address that you used earlier to log in to the password-protected section. You will then see your record in the database. You are able to edit the sections at your convenience, one by one. Note that sessions time out after a while - it is advisable to press the 'save' button often, to save your work.
    At the top of every section you will see a date and timestamp, to provide a record of when the page was last updated.
  3. We will monitor all changes made to the database. After you have completed a section, please review it. If you are happy with it, please press the 'make final' button that you can see at the top and at the bottom of every section when you are not in editing mode. The word 'preliminary' in the background will then disappear, we will review your submission and either contact you if we have additional questions and/or make it public. If it is judged to be valid, the information will be made visible to anybody here. You can change and update your information as often as you wish.

Some additional information