Compendium 2003 - UNREN - Basic Information

Full name of the organisation (in English) Ukrainian National Research and Education Network
Full name of the organisation in the national language(s) Assotsiatsiya “Natsionalna naukovo-doslidna ta osvitnya merezha Ukrainy”
Abbreviation in English UNREN
Abbreviation in national language(s) NOMU
Visiting address 18, Shevchenko Boulevard
City / Postal code Kyiv, 01030
Postal address (if different)
Postal code  
Country Ukraine
Year the first research network operations started 2003
Year in which research networking was started as a dedicated organisational unit 2003
Year in which the NREN was founded in its current form 2003
History URL  
Fax +380 44 220 10 01
Phone +380 44 220 10 01
General e-mail address
Convention used for individual e-mail addresses  

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