Compendium 2003 - Analytical Part - Table of Contents

The sections of the printed edition of the Compendium 2003 are still available in .pdf format, see below.

Table of Contents
Some remarks on the methods used and the underlying data

1.   Basic Information 1.1    Date of start of operations
1.2    Legal form of NRENs
1.3    NRENs and European legislation
2.    Users / clients 2.1    Number of connected universities and research institutes and bandwidth
2.2    Number of connected institutions of higher/further education and bandwidth (.pdf file also includes sections 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5)
2.3    Number of connected secondary schools and bandwidth
2.4    Number of connected primary schools and bandwidth
2.5    Number of other connected institutions
2.6    Connected Universities and bandwidth: EU, Candidate Countries, Others
2.7    Market Share
2.8    Percentage of students with access to the Internet through the NREN
2.9    Acceptable Use Policy
3.    Network 3.1    Core capacity on the network
3.2    Core network size
3.3    Technologies Used on the Core Network (.pdf file also includes section 3.4)
3.4    Capacity of the highest link
3.5    Total external links
3.6    Network levels funded through NREN
4.    Traffic 4.1    External traffic
4.2    Traffic load
4.3    Congestion
4.4    External traffic per student (.pdf file also includes section 4.5)
4.5    Connectivity to GEANT per student
4.6    IPv6
5.    Tasks, staffing, funding 5.1    Services
5.2    Staffing
5.3    Total budgets (.pdf file also includes section 5.4)
5.4    Income sources
5.5    Expenditure categories
5.6    Charging methods
5.7    Research and development interests