Compendium 2003 - RIPN - Basic Information

Full name of the organisation (in English) Russian Institute for Public Networks
Full name of the organisation in the national language(s) Rossiisky Nauchno-Issledovatelsky Institut Razvitiya Obshestvennykh Setey
Abbreviation in English RIPN
Abbreviation in national language(s) RosNIIROS
Visiting address 1 Kurchatov Square
City / Postal code 123 182 MOSCOW
Postal address (if different)
Postal code  
Country Russian Federation
Year the first research network operations started 1993
Year in which research networking was started as a dedicated organisational unit 1996
Year in which the NREN was founded in its current form 1992
History URL
Fax +7 095 196 49 84
Phone +7 095 196 72 78
General e-mail address
Convention used for individual e-mail addresses,,

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