Compendium 2003 - GARR - Basic Information

Full name of the organisation (in English) Consortium GARR: Italian Research and Academic Network
Full name of the organisation in the national language(s) Consortium GARR: Rete per l'Universita' e la Ricerca Scientifica Italiana
Abbreviation in English GARR
Abbreviation in national language(s) GARR
Visiting address
City / Postal code  
Postal address (if different) Direzione Progetto GARR-B.Viale Palmiro Togliatti 1625
Postal code 00155 ROMA
Country Italy
Year the first research network operations started 1988
Year in which research networking was started as a dedicated organisational unit 1987
Year in which the NREN was founded in its current form 2002
History URL (still work in progress!)
Fax +39 06 4336 1444
Phone +39 06 4336 1441
General e-mail address
Convention used for individual e-mail addresses

Remarks regarding this section Consortium GARR was created on November 13th 2002, and transition from former INFN-GARR is currently in progress.