Compendium 2003 - ARENA - Basic Information

Full name of the organisation (in English) Armenian Research and Education Networking Association Foundation
Full name of the organisation in the national language(s) "Hayastani gitahetazotakan ev krtakan kompiuterain tsantseri asotsatsia" himnadram
Abbreviation in English ARENA
Abbreviation in national language(s) ARENA
Visiting address 105 Teryan street, building 17, 31st floor
City / Postal code Yerevan / 375009
Postal address (if different) 10/2 Khandjian tupik
Postal code Yerevan / 375010
Country Armenia
Year the first research network operations started 2001
Year in which research networking was started as a dedicated organisational unit 2000
Year in which the NREN was founded in its current form 2001
History URL  
Phone +(3741) 525948, 541675
General e-mail address
Website (under construction)
Convention used for individual e-mail addresses  

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